Created by Joseph Pilates in Germany during the early 20th century, Pilates is a method of excercise that targets core strength and posture. This allows a focus on control, balance, strength and flexibility while treating a variety of injuries, especially those of the neck and back. Modern Clinical Pilates uses a variety of specialised equipment to provide the best possible result. With a strong evidence in place of the benefit of therepeutic excercise in the treatment of injury, it is important to realize that a generic approach to pilates will not work for everyone, and may even be harmful for some patients.

At Tapestry we utilise a tailored approach to you individual needs, using the experience and assessment of your physiotherapist to develop a program that directly addresses your case.

This means we can help you get back to your best, as well as taking a preventative approach to the future while improving your core stability, posture, strength and flexibility.  

We are currently only offering Pilates as a part of your physiotherapy-led rehabilitation program. Programs are booked on a monthly basis, and a follow-up assessment with your physiotherapist is required for each block of sessions. Please note that we may not be able to book future sessions for you without a follow-up appointment booked, as your therapist will need to assess your progress before designing the program for your next group of sessions.

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