Physiotherapy is a form of treatment that utilises the science of movement to restore or enhance function. Physiotherapists use a holistic approach to help regain, maintain and improve the mobility and physical well-being of the patient, and the profession is committed to health, lifestyle and quality of life. Through the use of movement and excercise, manual therapy and education, your Physiotherapist will assist you in recovering from injury or illness, and in injury prevention. It is a key element of Physiotherapy that your therapist will engage you in your own recovery, and help you on the path to health while involving you in your own care.

The first step in your treatment is a thorough assessment and diagnostic session with your therapist, from which you will together develop a treatment plan to get you to where you want to be. At TÅPESTRY, we believe that your care is paramount, which is why we have an approach that uses only longer one-on-one appointments. We want to really get to the root of the issue, every time, and work with you using the most appropriate techniques for your problem to get the best result. Our highly experienced clinicians can assist you with all orthopedic physiotherapy needs.

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