While most of us are aware of ultrasound being used to see babies in the womb, the modern use of Real Time Ultrasound (RTUS) as a diagnostic tool in the therapeutic process is not as familiar. Using a non-invasive high frequency soundwave to generate an image, RTUS allows your physiotherapist to see what is happening with the inner structure of your body and provides many useful insights.

Used in conjunction with pelvic floor therapy and Clinical Pilates, RTUS can provide you with valuable feedback on your core functions. By helping you and your Physiotherapist see the various layers of muscle in your core and how they are activating, your recovery can be more effective as you learn how to target the areas and excercise you need.

At TÅPESTRY, we use the latest in ultra-portable Ultrasound technology to put the inner workings of your body in your hands, in real time.

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